Tips for new comers

Tips for the New Bangladeshi Student Coming to Japan for the First Time

Note: Most airlines/airports do not allow liquid over 100 ml in hand luggage (carry-on luggage). So, toothpaste, shaving cream, perfume bottles over 100 ml should be carried in bigger luggage which will be checked in for carrier.

* All types of spices (as much as you can). However, please note that there will be checking at Japan airport.

  • * Common medicines (paracetamol, histacin, incidal, amodis, flagyl, Oracin K, Savlon cream/liquid etc) good quantity. If you use any other special medicines, then bring those also sufficiently.

    * If you (or your spouse/other family members accompanying you; if any) wear glasses, then you must bring one pair extra.

    * During winter season, the temperature sometimes goes below freezing. So, bring winter cloths as much as you can. In winter there are snow falls and rains. So you should bring waterproof thick jacket for use in snow, long jungs, thick socks, sweaters etc. These are available here but very costly (10 times at least). It rains almost throughout the year in Japan. So, it is recommended to keep one raincoat.

    * No need to bring bedding etc. It will give you unnecessary troubles. Rather, you can bring a bed sheet.

    * For your professor you can bring gifts. Usually in a lab, you will find the Professor, Assoc. Professor, Research Associate and a lab technician. So you can consider them. Traditional Bangladeshi handicrafts are a good choice. However, you must also consider that things are not heavy and breakable. Do not bring any purses/money bags/wallets. Japanese people mind in these things as gift.

    * Clothes for Bangladeshi woman is not available in Japan. There is only one shop near Saitama where some Indian sarees are available. However, the quality is not good at all whereas the price is very high. So, it is recommended to bring woman cloths as much as possible.

    * You can bring a complete suite (i.e. a formal dress) which you will need in some formal occasions like attending the fresher reception, some conferences or some formal dinners.

    * You can bring some subject related book, but not much. Some novels can also give you pleasure during your free time. You can bring Eng2Bng & Bng2Eng dictionary. Do not bring Japanese dictionaries. They are useless.

    * For the first days, you will need your toiletries (soap, shampoo etc). So bring some little amount.

    * At least 10-15 copies of your own passport size photograph is recommended to bring. You will need it here to make student card, Alien registration card, Bank Account and so on.

    * If you have spouse and/or children/dependents to be coming to Japan soon to join you, you should bring their passport size photographs, photocopy of their passport and documents proving their relationship with you (marriage certificate, birth certificate etc.). You will need those to process eligibility certificate for them. After coming to Japan, you will have to process for their eligibility certificate before getting any dependent visa for them from Japanese Embassy at Dhaka. To know about the documents & fees requirements in getting eligibility certificate, please see the next section.

    * It is requested to bring some dollars (cash/Traveler cheque) with you. This will help you to face any form of difficulties during travelling.

    * After arriving at Narita Airport, you can post your luggage to your address (if you know the home address in advance, before your departure from Dhaka). This is called Takiyobin (door to door delivery). You will find the counter for Takiyobin at the arrival lounge of Narita Airport. You will usually get the delivery of the luggage after 1-2 days. So you can arrange the rottable items in your handbag.